At HIGHWAY AVIATION , we have expertise and experience enough to handle complex, time-critical freight or personnel movements, making the preparation on your side a piece of cake. We will find the ideal group charter solution to suit your needs: any cargo, any destination, any number of passengers.

Our services include cargo or commercial aircraft, talent and crew accommodation, ground transportation logistics, and private security. Meticulous

Meticulous planning and technical know-how, allow us to deliver airport-to-venue logistics support of any size with confidence. Using our understanding gained through hundreds of group charter flights, we avoid mundane issues such as customs clearance, duty delays, pallet mis-coordination and out-of-sync ground team logistics.

Available round-the-clock, 365 days a year; our specialist liaison team are always prepared for the unexpected, so your travel arrangements remain untouched. We fly sports teams, >scientists, government delegations, pop star entourages and countless film crews around the world.

For a truly seamless, hiccup-free group charter experience, fly with HIGHWAY AVIATION.


As specialists in building inclusive packages for travelling artists and film crew, we’ll deliver value and a singular point of contact for a busy project coordinator. We tailor truly bespoke packages to ensure equilibrium among your safety, transportation and accommodation. Our exclusive protection affiliations reassure you that wherever you may be, we have skilled operatives at our disposal ready to assist.

A wealth of experience offering industry-leading security solutions assures flawless service, every time. From delicate and fragile cargo to oversized loads, our fleet can accommodate all of your requirements. Our access to thousands of airports means no destination is unreachable, and we can incorporate as many stops as you desire, over whatever timeframe suits you.

We appreciate the size and shape of your charter can change at a moment’s notice, and can therefore craft a solution for any issue, regardless of the size. Our group charter flights consolidate and eradicate any risk usually associated with flights of this nature. No more struggling to get 50 seats on a commercial jet or worrying about losing invaluable equipment. Keep everything in one place and fly stress free.